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Want to know the secret to achieving that ever-trending ‘clean girl’ brow look? The secret is in the formula, and if laminated brows that last all day long are what you’re looking for, then BB has your new favourite product…


With over 15 years in the professional lam brow game, we have had a looong time to perfect our formula. With super strong setting powers that keep brow hairs in place no matter the weather, day or activity, our Brow Bomb Brow Glue gives a professional hold with a simple application process that doesn’t require the expense or time of a lamination appointment, but still delivers the same sleeked results.   


It's a brow lam in a bottle... 



  • Extreme hold
  • Budge-proof formula
  • Nourished with keratin and biotin
  • Non-sticky
  • Transparent colour
  • Bristle brush for precise application


Why you’ll love it!

Our Brow Bomb Brow Glue combines makeup with self care by enhancing your look as well as conditioning brow hairs with a formula enriched with keratin and biotin. Whether you desire a laminated, flat or arched look, BB will make your brow goals possible with our all day, luxury product. Simply brush and go, no need to add setting spray or grab a separate spoolie!

Brow Bomb Glue


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